Pit Express: Pit Liquor Happenings

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  • 3 Honest Fall Family Memories

    As a mother to three kids under ten, I know this is an especially sweet time of year to make family memories. It's magical, right? Or perhaps a little bit crazy. Let's look at three of the best fall activities for families: the pumpkin patch, family photos, and apple picking.
  • How To Refill Pit Liquor Bottles

    One of the very best parts of our Pit Liquor bottles is that they are refillable! We know it can be a challenge to refill a bottle for the first time, so this page is full of directions on refilling all our different products.  ...
  • Fletcher and the Falling Leaves

    Scott tells about one of his family's favorite kids books--and how it's connected to our latest limited edition scent.
  • Reduce, reFILL, Recycle

    We want to leave our planet a better place that we found it.  And as a company, we at Distilled Bath & Body see that our actions have larger ripples because of the scale of our impact. We want to do our part to make sure each of our choices makes the world a better, brighter place. A big way...
  • Did You Pee Alone Today?

    Hey mama, did you pee alone today? Because I didn't. In fact, I haven't peed alone in over 8 years. That's right, eight years. I've spent the better part of the last decade without the regular decency afforded to most humans.  First it was the colicky baby that wouldn't let me put him down. I wou...