Pit Express: Pit Liquor Happenings

Vodka Hand Sanitizer

  • Pit Liquor x Spring Break 🍍🥥

    The weather is turning and sun seekers rejoice! In the heat of this Spring Break and summer, your pits can smell like a piña colada instead of a roasted gym bag.
  • Why use natural hand sanitizer?

      Hand sanitizer has become a hot commodity this year. It's in every store, on the shelves and in dispensers. We're all using a whole lot more of it than we did last year. Did you know Distilled Bath and Body sells hand sanitizer too? But we think our Hand Liquor is a cut above the rest, and we'r...
  • How To Refill Pit Liquor Bottles

    One of the very best parts of our Pit Liquor bottles is that they are refillable! We know it can be a challenge to refill a bottle for the first time, so this page is full of directions on refilling all our different products.  ...

    Free Hand Sanitizer

    Free hand sanitizer for those in need and hand sanitizer to buy or donate to first responders and people in need. Small businesses come together to help in times of difficulty.