Pit Express: Pit Liquor Happenings

  • Announcing the Tolos Project

    Thank You for Caring! Pit Liquor is a unique product from the start, but now every bottle of deodorant means more than just non-toxic, stink-free pits. (As if that wasn't enough to start with!) Proceeds from purchases made at Distilled Bath and Body, LLC are also used to finance micro-loans and h...
  • Out of the Frying Pan and Into the New Year We Charge!

    Eve learned to walk. Alongside her, we've learned to help our business walk. It's been quite a dazzling parallel, actually. She has fallen more times than anyone cares to count in her quest to walk, and though she's pretty good at it now and chooses walking over crawling, she still falls. So we are the same.
  • We're actually a real company!

    Pre-sales are now live on our website!