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Whiskey Old Fashioned Limited Edition - August 2019


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Whiskey Old Fashioned - August 2019

Classic, classy, timeless: The Old Fashioned brings the aroma of a bygone era back for a spin. High quality rye whiskey from our new distiller, Old Town Distilling Co, a hint of orange and some deep Luxardo cherry notes create the perfect start for your day. Do something extra. Wear the eccentric hat. And toss an old fashioned on your pits. A bit over the top? I guess that depends on who you are.

This Limited Edition felt a little extra special since it highlights whiskey so beautifully, so we turned over every stone until we found the PERFECT whiskey barrel bottles for this fragrance only. Imported Italian glass bottles so pretty and so well-fitted to your hand, you'll be reusing it for as long as you can. We are pretty stunned at these beauties. Since the glass took several months to order from Italy, there won't be a "Batch 2" for this scent.

And here's a beautiful Old Fashioned recipe in case reading everything above has you yearning for a bevy: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MnEQpNUYhGE 

Available in:

  • 3.4 oz, lasts 4-6 months *Whiskey Barrel Bottle ONLY available in this size*
  • 50 ml, lasts 2-3 months
**Please note, these bottles don't fit into our typical packing materials, so we will be sending them separately. If you order one of these in an order with other items, it will likely arrive separate from everything else in your order.

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