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Cedarwood Palmarosa Olive Oil Castile Soap

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Cedarwood Palmarosa Olive Oil Castile Soap

Soft, buttery soap with a rustic, earth-and-woodsy aroma. Cedarwood brings a rich, deep, woodsy aroma. Palmarosa brings in a clean, fresh note that leaves you feeling decadent. Layer with Pit Liquor Whiskey Black Pepper deodorant for a woodsy, spicy, rustic vibe or go for Vodka Unscented to present no aroma or your favorite perfume or cologne singularly.

This delectably smooth soap comes with a burlap bag so you can hang it in your shower to keep the soap dry and fresh between uses. Use the soap inside the bag if you want a little extra exfoliation, or enjoy it alone for a rich lather. Use on hands, face, or all over your body.  

Handmade in Fort Collins, CO from organic olive oil, organic cedarwood oil, and organic palmarosa oil, this soft bar is perfect for oily or dry skin. Easily work up a rich lather and leave your skin clean and hydrated.

Once you try these bars of soap, we're pretty sure you'll find yourself looking for excuses to use the decadent bars as many places in your home as possible. We sure fell head-over-heels for them.

*Please note that these bars are quite soft for soap bars and therefore, are best stored in a dry place. The available burlap bag can hang in your shower to keep the soap in optimal condition. For best results, do not store soap in a soap dish where it will sit in water.

** These bars are handmade and therefore will have some variety in shape and size.