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Thcapa Tchapa Bags

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Handmade bags from Guinea-Bissau, West Africa. These bags were made by my friend Virginia on her foot pedal Singer sewing machine. I bought the bags from her and then brought them here to resell to send the money back to Guinea-Bissau in 2007. The airline lost my luggage and only a handful of bags made it back here with me. 

Bags have a sturdy inner layer to make them more durable as well as a zipping inner pocket. This patchwork pattern, called tchapa tchapa (choppa-choppa), is unique to Guinea-Bissau. I only have 4 bags at this time, so once they are gone, there won't be more until I can get back to Guinea-Bissau.

The entire cost of this bag will be sent to help the Tolos Project in Guinea-Bissau. The cost of just one bag will pay for an entire micro-loan or about a month and a half of someone's medical bills. 

Updates about the Tolos Project can be found on our blog. We will update periodically there.