Hand Sanitizer LIMITED EDITION: Roses in Champagne - 100ml spray

  • $15.95

It's back by popular demand: Your annual favorite Limited Edition! But now, as hand sanitizer!

Roses in Champagne

Yes, it has actual champagne in it. Yes, it's luxurious. And yes, you deserve something this extravagant for your pits. (Don't be mean to them just for being armpits!) Made with real rose essential oil and actual champagne, this subtle, decadent scent will leave you reveling in self-indulgence that would fit right in with The Great Gatsby or the likes of Frank Lloyd Wright himself. Pamper yourself with a bubble bath and some bubbly for your pits. We use only food-grade ingredients that come from nature and are not known allergens in humans. This smells like actual, fresh roses and a glass of champagne. The scent when the alcohol evaporates is roses and a very subtle sweet grape aroma.