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DONATE 70% ABV Lavender Hand Liquor Hand Sanitizer 3.4 oz

$12.50 $19.95

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We're all learning a lot more about hand sanitizer in recent weeks and days. And we're finding the ingredients for it hard to obtain. So we looked around and noticed we had tons of alcohol and access to loads more because we're using drinkable alcohol in our deodorant, and we wanted to do something to help out. 

Formulated specifically to kill germs on hands, this 70% alc/vol hand sanitizer is packaged in glass and made right here in the USA from organic vodka and organic, local lavender. We employ and support local business with every purchase. Thank you for shopping a local, small business!

Donate Hand Sanitizer: How it Works

Order as many bottles of hand sanitizer as you'd like to give away. At the start of each day, we'll move the previous day's purchased quantity in that category into the "Free Hand Sanitizer" category for people to obtain hand sanitizer for free. You will not be shipped the physical product. Someone else will receive your gift. 

**Please tell us if there are any hiccups in the system. We're using workarounds to do something rather unusual, so there are bound to be interesting results at times. We will keep track of all of the donated bottles and ensure they go to people in need.

Distilled Bath and Body will cover shipping costs on free hand sanitizer as an ongoing gift. 

Our hand sanitizer prices will eventually be moved up to match the deodorant, but for this time, we wanted to do our part to make the world go 'round a little easier.

You will not be charged taxes, and you will not pay for shipping. This purchase is not tax deductible, though I wish we could give you the moon for being so generous in a time when so many people are feeling such deep fear and uncertainty. You are amazing and we're so thankful for your heart.

Free hand sanitizer: How it works

We're kicking this off with some free bottles in inventory that we're donating. However, as a small business, our pockets aren't limitless, but we were inspired by the kindness of people around us. If there is anything available in this category, please feel free to order some. We will be adjusting this quantity daily and putting new bottles into this inventory each morning based on what happens in our other category: Donate Hand Sanitizer.

After we've exhausted our available free bottles of hand sanitizer, we will be inviting individuals to purchase bottles as gifts for other people who need it. What you see available here is what people have generously given out of their resources to help others. 

Please limit your consumption of free bottles to 2 per family per week so others can have some as well. We will be watching for multiple purchases of free bottles to the same address, person, email address, etc, and will not be shipping more than 2 free bottles per week per family.

COVID-19 is certainly rocking the foundations of our society, but it's also bringing up some of the beauty of humanity and letting us marvel at others as we work together to meet each others' needs in uncertain times. This product is one such example.