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Maple, Cranberry, Rosemary LIMITED EDITION - November


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Maple leads the aromatic journey on this homey, comforting scent. Rosemary lends a clean slate in the background and cranberry brightens the palate. Whiskey backs it up with a warm, oak aroma. This smells like Thanksgiving in all the most beautiful ways and brings thoughts of family and dear friends gathered warmly around tables of lovingly-prepared food to cherish moments and memories together.

We know not all Thanksgiving dinners go down so idyllically. Yeah, we've been to an awkward Thanksgiving or two, too. But if you imagine the most picturesque feeling of warmth and fond memories with people you love, this will be the fragrance that accompanies that feeling. 

Throw on a sweater and give your pits a freshen up that'll get you in the holiday spirit. 

3.4 oz

Scents are available seasonally and are subject to change, once an item sells out we can not guarantee if/when it will be back. If you love it, let us know! 

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