LIMITED EDITION Orange Blossom Deodorant 50ml Roller

  • $15.95

Neroli, another name for orange blossom water gives a delicate scent to this vodka-based deodorant. A tiny dash of sweet orange oil brings a bright, juicy aura to you and your pits as you prepare for sweet summer fun. Whether you’re having a #hotgirlsummer or you’re just elated to be having a summer at all, this bright, floral scent is sure you have you traveling on a scent-led journey to everywhere your vagabond heart takes you. Harken back to sweet tea and picnic baskets and dream of an orange grove full of flowering trees to sweeten your summer days and freshen your pits.

This limited edition deodorant contains ingredients from our usual ingredients list, found here:

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50ml bottle lasts approx 2-3 months

*contains neroli, orange

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