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Deodorant LIMITED EDITION Pit Liquor: Grapefruit, Gin, & Fennel - 50ml Roller


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For years, you've asked for a citrusy splash of color. Well, POP! Here you go.

We're all ready for something zesty and clean, a fresh start, something juicy and lovely to clear our cobwebs and jumpstart a new year.

Introducing: Grapefruit, Gin, & Fennel for a limited time only.

Splash on a snap of grapefruit freshness with the subtle, rounded out notes of fennel to warm up winter days. Gin is crisp and clean, infused with juniper berries, like a full breath of cold, clear mountain air. This scent smells effervescent and exudes health, wellness, energy, and positive momentum. Take it with you and power on! With all we've made it through last year, we know we are strong and unstoppable! Cheers to YOU!

Pair with Limited Edition Hand Liquor for the full effects of whole-body grapefruity goodness. Get a Limited Edition Pit Liquor reFILL to keep this going long after we sell through our limited stock.

100ml Spray last between 3-4 months

Pit Liquor: Sophisticated deodorant that simply works without any gimmicks or caveats. We care about you and want this to be a great fit for you. Check out our satisfaction guarantee and refund policy here

Patent Pending.

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