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{Cherry} Pit Scented Limited reFILL bottle

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We only have 11 of these. What you see in the product picture is the entire available inventory of the very popular April Fool's release this year. 

{Cherry} Pit Scented deodorant gets its fragrance entirely from a natural tea infusion we make here in-house. We use organic tea to create a juicy, refreshing cherry aroma. Strong enough to kill your stench, lovely enough to savor the smell all day.

Shake well, grab a funnel, cut the wax off the top, and refill to your heart's content.

*This price includes shipping and handling fees. This bottle will automatically ship ground due to size of bottle. Shipping cannot be expedited. You will not be charged for shipping on any order containing this item. You'll find this to be great savings over paying for bottles individually and having them shipped to you one at a time.

12.5 oz bottle.

This bottle will refill your 3.4 oz spray bottles 3.69 times, and will refill your 50ml roller ball bottles 7.5 times. 


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