Deodorant Facts

It's time to get things straight about deodorant.

Did you know deodorant isn't regulated?

We all assume we can safely rely on the regulatory standards of our nation to look out for our best interests, but there is a giant void in the space where body product regulation should fall. 

The truth is, anyone could decide there's a competitive advantage to having arsenic in deodorant or face wash and no one would stop them. Until people began getting sick and then went to the effort to prove that they were sick due to that ingredient, then approach the government, arsenic IS allowed in body products. 

BHT, phthalates, parabens, aluminum, etc...we all learned about them AFTER a bunch of people got sick and the system reacted. Most regulatory behavior is proactive, not reactive. And that's why we're creating a natural deodorant that is actually so natural, you could safely drink it.