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Can you help us get hand sanitizer into the hands that need it most? ❤️

Since launching free bottles on our site, we have been inundated with hand sanitizer donation requests! We are donating what we can as a small business and have been amazed by YOUR generosity in wanting to donate personally to assist in our mission!

In one day, between us and all of you, we were able to give 64 bottles of hand sanitizer to people in need and to staff who are running threadbare and have nothing to protect themselves from this virus. With your help, we sent hand sanitizer to Legacy Good Samaritan Hospital in Portland as well as a group of overwhelmed first responders and firefighters in Pennsylvania.

Together, we're able to help a midwife whose husband wants to protect his wife and wrote us on her behalf and to beautiful people who've stepped up to give free lunches to kids who were relying on free school lunches.

However, the need is still great and our list keeps growing! With your continued help we hope to get hand sanitizer to all those making requests on behalf of those keeping us safe (THANK YOU first responders & healthcare works nationwide) & to those in dire need. Check out our donation link & let's see how many bottles we can give together!

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