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Champagne Rose Limited Edition - Mini Coachella Release

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That's right! It's back but in VERY limited quantities! And it's available in 50ml roller bottles! Hurry grab yours before they're gone and not back until NEXT YEAR

Champagne forms the base of this delicate, rose-scented deodorant. A fresh bouquet of roses and a glass of champagne are a perfect pairing. The rose fragrance comes from the rose petals and rose essential oil only. Mica powder (with no anti-caking agents) creates a slight shimmer when you shake the bottle. A beautiful work of art in a bottle to quench your summer stench.

We won't be making more of this limited edition fragrance once it's gone.

Scents are available seasonally and are subject to change, once an item sells out we can not guarantee if/when it will be back. If you love it, let us know! 

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