Whiskey Thin Mint LIMITED EDITION - 100ml Spray

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Close your eyes, now imagine cracking open your brand new box of Thin Mint cookies. It's Girl Scout cookie season again, and aren't we lucky it lands the same time as St Paddy's Day? Something is just right with the world with that combination and we couldn't pass it up. Drown your worries...and your pit a healthy dose of lucky Irish water (whiskey), and a dab of cookie magic. 

You love your sugar cookie body scrub, your gingerbread lotion, and that one candle (you know, the one you light for a bubble bath) that makes your whole house smell like fresh snickerdoodles. So remind yourself all day about the beauty and joy of a Thin Mint. We use real (ethical) cocoa extract and actual peppermint in our mint-scented deodorant. 

Pit Liquor: Sophisticated deodorant that simply works without any gimmicks or caveats. Check out satisfaction guarantee on your first bottle purchased and refund policy here.

Patent Pending.

100ml spray on (lasts 3-4 months)

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