Saddle up your unicorn and join us for a magical armpit journey!

Yes, we did just compare deodorant to the likes of Harry Potter. And frankly, my dear, at the confluence of whiskey and personal health, magic is the proof in our potion.

Our risk-free guarantee puts your mind at ease. Don't love Pit Liquor? Email us and we'll work out a return with you. We refuse to be like those other deodorant companies that tell you it's your fault you haven't detoxed enough or some other load of BO. We'll want to know how we can improve in the future because we believe all feedback is good feedback.

You may have seen us on ABC's The Chew, FOX 31 News Denver, CBS, or heard about us from any of over 100 unique news sources who think we're pretty rad. 

Scads of 5-star reviews:

"I do not stink and I didn't breakout. I can start there. I was worried about using a natural deodorant and it not working. But it does! I have passed this awesome product on to my other family members that want to do the natural thing. Love this product. And it smells good." -Our Most Recent 5-Star Review 12/18/2018

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Pit Liquor is natural deodorant without the drama.

Always shaken, never stirred.