About Us

Jason, Erica, and Eve
Hello, we're Jason and Erica. We are the inventors of Pit Liquor deodorant and the founders of Distilled Bath and Body. We live in Livermore, Colorado with our lovely baby, Eve, and our cats, Tolkien and Hobbes. We occasionally rescue and foster dogs and believe in the beauty of second chances.
We didn't start out as deodorant peddlers. We started as nerds and foodies with a bent for whole ingredient cooking. We met in college and connected on a shared passion for nerdy things. From Comic Con to World of Warcraft, we're serious geeks! Jason attended Colorado School of Mines and received a degree in Economics and Materials Engineering. I graduated from CU Denver with a degree in creative writing. Some of our favorite things in the world are Star Wars, good books, awesome coffee, and traveling. Plus each other and our daughter.
We made Pit Liquor because we were tired of how pervasively we found noxious chemicals in our environment and on/in our bodies. We don't spray chemicals on our yard, we avoid pesticides, herbicides, and eat organic food. Yet we still find ourselves inundated with harsh chemicals and toxins. After getting organic food figured out, deodorant was top of our list of offenders. So, we solved the problem ourselves.
The story of Pit Liquor began at a most unusual time: During my pregnancy with Eve. Jason was concerned about the carcinogens in our deodorants and we'd been trying various natural alternatives, but none of them worked. One day, he begged me to stop using toxic deodorant for the baby. So I slapped hand sanitizer on my armpits and headed out the door issuing Jason a challenge to find something that actually worked. When I got home, I didn't stink. Always the inventor, Jason thought plain old hand sanitizer was a boring (and not entirely non-toxic) solution to underarm stench, but the hand sanitizer illuminated a new idea: high-proof, drinkable alcohol is less toxic than anything unregulated and potentially made from inedible ingredients. So, obviously, we turned to whiskey to solve our quandary. Jason began reading medical textbooks about deodorant after a conversation with our doctor about the topic. He did research, trials, and found a perfect formula all while sticking to a motto to use only ingredients that are safe enough to eat. 
At that time, we were still making Pit Liquor just for ourselves when we began having conversations with like-minded friends and neighbors who were interested in finding an effective natural deodorant. These folks encouraged us to look into taking Pit Liquor from a self-made thing we do at home to something we can sell to others. We've been so blessed with encouragement from friends and family as well as our amazing social media friends and fans. We're so thankful for each of you!
Now, we've finished a successful Kickstarter campaign and sit cozy with our patent pending.  We've had over 100 media stories written about us. We've been featured in places like Food & Wine, Men's Journal, Playboy, Today.com, Circa, Modern Distillery Age, Rated Red, Popsugar, Daily Blast Live, local papers like the Reporter-Herald and BizWest, and even Michael Symon and Clinton Kelly talked about us on ABC's The Chew.
Next up? Running a successful business!
Thank you for believing in us and for giving a natural deodorant a try. We appreciate you taking a chance on us!