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  • Reduce, reFILL, Recycle

    We want to leave our planet a better place that we found it.  And as a company, we at Distilled Bath & Body see that our actions have larger ripples because of the scale of our impact. We want to do our part to make sure each of our choices makes the world a better, brighter place. A big way...
  • Why People Hate Natural Deodorant

    Are you on the fence about natural deodorant? Or maybe you had a bad experience and now you're hesitant to to switch to natural again. Here are a few of the common reasons why people hate natural deodorant.
  • Science of Stink

    Apocrine sweat provides the perfect food for bacteria, and in return, bacteria excrete waste (yep, basically bacteria poo, how rude) all over the mead hall of your armpits.